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Vera Meulendijks

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Vera Meulendijks
Established since
Self operating
Sint Joost Breda, Fine Arts
Work experience
Internship New York
Memorable notes
St. Moritz, Graphic Course Cyanotype
Production range
Limited editions

Can you describe your work?

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The borders are making the possibilities. Through limits can works and words be limited. It is never the intention to define, or to obscure. It is not about the suggestion that one thing can be something else, but it is about the possibilities. I relate myself to the perception of time and space and the instability, vulnerability of them and our rules and agreements among them. I speak from the conflicts and contrasts. It is a division where a mysterious world competes with the informative facts of reality. But which of those two is the ruthless one? Which is heartless? Can the evil survive without the good? Truth doesn't speak without fiction, logics not without non-logics and the digital not without the analogue. It is a fragmented journey trough a world of connections and disorder, recognitions and abstractions. It is a decomposition of something that once was an unity. When it is misplaced in a strange context it can show its uselessness, but also its pureness. Image and language can find their balance because of their conflict. I want to reform their communication. Words are turning to form and form turns to language. When can we keep understanding and when does it turns into error? Information expires into structures or codifications because of miscommunications. This incomprehension becomes its own truth, with its own rules. We try to keep thinking in patterns, which seems to look logic. But the human brain named itself, named its own borders itself. They are subjective. We only know that things are, nonetheless we don't know why.

Video Killed The Radio Star
This Noise Will Not Be Televised

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