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Manolis Angelakis

Talk to me
Established since
Manolis Angelakis and his father Chrysanthos Angelakis
Graphic Design
Work experience
Taught by his father
Memorable notes
Family business
Production range
1 - 1000

Can you describe your workspace?

Location, place, atmosphere

My workspace represents me and my father. Our workspace is situated just outside of the center in the neighborhood Syggrou Fix. It is an organized chaos. With a lot of work shown on the walls.

Why are you a printer?

History, personal attachment

I am interested in the process of printing. Printing is an old but still important art. Especially screenprinting will always grow along with the times. It is a medium which carries the visual representation of the contemporary culture.

What do you like so much about your work?


I am passionate about my profession. The process is very dynamic, from creating to making. I enjoy the organic process, the beauty is always in the mistakes.

A walk into the book stoas
Lo and Ver
A to Z
Tour de Power
The manual of an airplane kind of love

Which work represents you the best?

Personal, preference

My work 'I want to believe'. I am Greek, but I am not the Acropolis.

What techniques are you specialized in?

Field, specialization

Silkscreen printing and Graphic arts. We work closely with the artist we work with. Sharing techniques and knowledge is vital to create a better work. I believe in joining forces and open sources.

Why are you so good at that specialization?

Experience, unique qualities

Because I understand the art, I was educated the same and my mind understands the process. In this way I can create solutions for problems very quickly.

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