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Tasos Spyridonos

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Laser cutter
Established since
3. Tasos Spyridonos, Gianna Lazaridi, Maria Kalampokia
Architecture - Arts
Work experience
Architecture - Design
Memorable notes
Collaborations with forward thinking designers
Production range
Design applications using computational and analog techniques

Can you describe your workspace?

Location, place, atmosphere

The lab is a small yet highly productive space. Sometimes it gets really busy, but it is almost always effective. It is always evolving and expanding in many ways, always changing form.

Why are you a Laser cutter?

History, personal attachment

The love of solving technical problems and creating the objects you and other people design is a process that keeps your motive high and your brain entertained.

What do you like so much about your work?


The speedy process : Instant materialisation of various designs. A thrilling experience for every designer.

Ipad Casing
Leather laser

Which work represents you the best?

Personal, preference

The Swop Paper Dodecahedron Calendar. It is a DIY paper folding dodecahedron that comes flatpacked and is assembled by the end user. It is fun to make.

What techniques are you specialized in?

Field, specialization

Layered design, assembled objects.

Why are you so good at that specialization?

Experience, unique qualities

It has to be the love for geometry and structure.

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