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Antonis Kontorousis

Talk to me
Kontorousis Bros. printing company
Established since
Graphic Arts at Hauchler Studio – Beberach an der Riss, Germany
Work experience
I started working in our family-owned printing house in 1991, going through assignments in all phases of production but specialising mainly in printing, followed by production pricing and management, as well as Human Resources-administration.
Memorable notes
One of the highlights of our company’s history is the development of our own paper-goods brand, Hartovasilion, which offers a platform for cooperation with leading designers for the creation of objects of everyday use, that combine high-standard aesthet
Greek printing awards as well as a large number of important national and international distinctions: Red Dot Design, EPICA, ED-Awards, Ermis Design, and E.V.G.E - Greek Awards of Graphic Design & Illustration awards.
Production range
All types of printing and finishing on paper. Small to big production

Can you describe your workspace?

Location, place, atmosphere

Our workspace represents the quality of our work: It is professional, specialised, and filled with creativity and a progressive attitude.

Why are you a printer?

History, personal attachment

I enjoy printing as a craft that requires precision and skill, but also as a process that translates creativity into a tool for communication.

What do you like so much about your work?


There is always room for learning new processes and skills, experimenting, and creating unique finished products, starting with only a sheet of paper.


Which work represents you the best?

Personal, preference

Projects for which we apply our craftsmanship to work with great design and high-quality materials to create products that fulfil their purpose.

What techniques are you specialized in?

Field, specialization

Our specialty is combining printing with other processes such as screen-printing, specialty bookbinding, and other processes, to create custom products without limiting creativity.

Why are you so good at that specialization?

Experience, unique qualities

Expertise is gained through experience and always striving for improvement.

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