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Alexia Kokkinou

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Alexia Kokkinou
Established since
Self Operational
Alexia Kokkinou was born in Thessaloniki. She studied Design, Interior Architecture and Decoration as well as Technology of Graphic Arts at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. In addition to the classical Printing she was taught all the pr
Work experience
From 1993 to 1996 she apprenticed to one of the best bookbinders, George Foskolos, who transmitted his experience and knowledge about bookbinding to her. Book maintenance and restoration along with the art of gilding and decoration of the bookbindings. In
Memorable notes
Additionally she was specialized not only in Artistic Bookbinding but also in the mechanic one. She has delivered keynote speeches regarding bookbinding at conferences and lectures hosted by higher education institutes, Museums, cultural centers, Librarie
She has also participated in Exhibitions and Competitions abroad, such as the world Biennale of Bookbinding Art, in Exhibitions of the global ARA organization, Les amis de la reliure d’art (friends of the Art of Bookbinding) of which where she is a memb
Production range
Small productions

Can you describe your workspace?

Location, place, atmosphere

In 1996, after forty five years of operation, George Foskolos delivered his bindery to me, naming me his successor. So my bindery exists already for quite some years. The bindery evolved over years to become a workspace that fits to my needs. It is a reflection of me as a person.

Why are you a binder?

History, personal attachment

Since my childhood I have been dealing with everything related to art. What I realised was that I was not interested in expressing artistically my inner world nor my personal researches, in an abstract or an undefined. I sense what is more fulfilling to me what is to find a goal, a challenge that will give me a stimulus, a purpose, to create something from zero, trying in various ways to reach the desired outcome. This is exactly what I found in the artistic bookbinding, which became a part of myself and everything connected to it, serving faithfully this art and maintaining the authenticity of its tradition. The Book is the field of my expression. The Idea of its binding derives from information, concepts, feelings, and the pictures images it gives me while reading it. The process of conceptualizing and actualizing an idea is fascinating.

What do you like so much about your work?


Generally I especially like to satisfy everyone who wants to acquire something with my own fair hands. To materialize everything they imagine, to ideas and solutions where and when it is needed, whether it is a simple task or an artistic one.

Which work represents you the best?

Personal, preference

The book I created for the work of Nikos Kazantzakis. It is a reflection of the narrative that is presented inside.

What techniques are you specialized in?

Field, specialization

Fine binding, Contemporary Art Bookbinding, Conservation, Art books, Sketchbooks, notebooks, portfolios, book arts, albums, boxes, for the presentation of collectible books (Livre d’art), storage of objects, heirlooms, book cases, precious documents, files, precious presents, architectural proposals - competitions, studies presentations etc. (all handmade, with the same materials I use in bookbinding).

Why are you so good at that specialization?

Experience, unique qualities

The patience, persistence, the experience and the knowledge about what I do, characteristics that are necessary for anyone is dealing with this profession.

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