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Book for Sale

The first online platform connecting bookbinders and printers of Athens to artists and creatives around Europe.

Book for Sale is a platform where bookmaking becomes more than the sum of its parts. By incorporating the craftsman’s identity and skills the platform creates a more realistic and inspiring image of the art of bookmaking and gives artisans the opportunity to stages themselves in the European market.

The role of books has been ever evolving. Now, with more and more books available digitally, it has become increasingly difficult for the 'printed' book. In the visual arts, however, books have become more important. They are desirable objects, more than just carriers of a narrative, with binding style, printing techniques, covers and choice of materials representing the work inside. Nevertheless, individuals wanting to create a small edition of books, quickly end up dealing with larger multinational companies where choice is limited and the quality generic. A gap in the market has emerged that craftsmen can fill with their knowhow and skills. Book for Sale focuses on exactly those artists and creatives who want to make beautiful self-published books, and allows all parties involved to take control of the publishing process.

The platform functions as a bridge between supply and demand for people living across different countries. We see bookmaking as not merely the exchange of a product but as an exchange of craft and identity. By showcasing the artisan’s professionalism, skills and work identity, artists wanting to create a book can discover the best option for collaboration at an early stage in the process. This exchange of knowledge encourages mutual inspiration for artists and craftsmen alike.

By highlighting the artisans identity and professionalism the Book for Sale project breaks through the prejudices about Greece created by the financial crisis and reveals a very different, more exciting reality for people who not only like books, but who like beautifully made books even better.

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